ICITM 2019 

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Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom // March 2-4, 2019
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Prof. Ezendu Ariwa
Prof. Luigi Maria Galantucci
Assoc. Prof. Patrizia Garengo




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Optimal Control of a Quadcopter: A Constrained Optimization Problem

Presenter: Ishaq Al Ahmed, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE


The Application of Response Surface Methodology for Optimization of Tetracycline Determination Using Natural Reagent from Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw

Presenter: Kanyarak Prasertboonyai, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, North Bangkok, Tailand


The role and significance of Geographical Indication for sustainability of Cashmere Industry

Presenter: Sheikh Imran Ishrat, Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand


Investigating resilient supply chain design determinants using Monte Carlo simulation

Presenter: Mina Mikhail, German University in Cairo, Egypt


Service-Based Industry 4.0 Middleware for partly automated Collaborative Work of Cranes

Presenter: Thomas Glock, FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Germany


Self-Charging System of Electric Vehicles: An Optimization Model with no Traffic Interactions

Presenter: Eman Y. M. Al-Ali, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE


Multi-Project Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Scheduling Problem with Material Ordering

Presenter: Yasser Ghamary, Concordia University, Canada


Monitoring Coefficient of Variation using Progressive Mean Technique

Presenter: Mohamed Abbas Mohamed, Qatar University, Qatar


Fractal Prediction Model for the Contact of Friction Surface and Simulation Analysis

Presenter: Ao Liang, Tongji University, China



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